Z Sports Club

A next generation infrastructure, which you can own 49% of it today !!!

What is Z Sports Club?

Like chain of restaurants, the next generation is going to be chain of infrastructures. The primary focus in the infrastructure is health & fitness. Everyone is becoming health conscious and ready to invest to become healthy. The new chain of infrastructure starts with a athletics stadium in every city.

What amenities will be part of infrastructure?

Below are few of them

  • Badminton / Shuttle Cork
  • Table Tennis / Ping Pong
  • Billiards / Snooker
  • Tennis
  • Carrom
  • Chess
  • Yoga
  • Gymnasium / Gym
  • Dance (Zumba, Roomba, etc)
  • Food Court (Starbucks, Mc Donalds, KFC, Subway, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, ...)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Kids Play Area
  • Shopping Centres

Are all of the amenities under one roof?

YES. Its going to be constructed as follows:

  • Front Exterior View-Z- Sports Club
  • Underground Pool ViewFront Basement View
  • Swimming PoolSide Basement View
  • Backside ViewBackside of club
  • Side ViewOther Side View
  • Top Front ViewEntrance
  • Top FloorStadium View
  • SnookerPing Pong
  • TennisBadminton
  • Shuttle CorkBasket Ball
  • Top ViewClub Backside
  • Food CourtFirst Floor
  • Yoga / DanceGymnasium
  • Swimming PoolBasement View
  • Kid PoolPool Seating
  • Locker8 Lane Pool
  • Close ViewBasement
  • PoolKid Pool
  • 600 Seats3 Seating Columns
  • Pool StairsSeats
  • Front Basement ViewPools with Seats
  • Entrance-Z- Sports Club

What revenue comes from this infrastructure?

Multiple Revenue comes from the infrastructure. Listed below are few of them:

ItemDescription2018 Income2019 Income2020 Income
Swimming PoolIncome from swimming pool including membership fees, coaching fees, tournament fees & Daily / Weekly / Monthly usage fees$45,000$90,000$200,000
Club MembershipIncome from membership fees$17,000$35,000$140,000
BadmintonIncome from Badminton coaching & Tournament fees$17,000$35,000$70,000
TennisIncome from Tennis coaching & Tournament fees$35,000$75,000$150,000
Ping PongIncome from Table Tennis Tournament fees$2,000$4,000$10,000
Basket BallIncome from Basket Ball Tournament fees$2,000$4,000$10,000
YogaIncome from Yoga coaching fees$20,000$40,000$85,000
GymnasiumIncome from Gym coaching fees$17,000$35,000$70,000
DanceIncome from Dance coaching fees$20,000$40,000$85,000
Food CourtFood Court Rental income$14,000$22,000$30,000
Kids Play AreaIncome from play area usage fees$45,000$110,000$230,000
Party HallIncome from party hall usage fees$8,000$30,000$45,000
Shopping StallsShopping stalls rental income$14,000$22,000$30,000
AdvertisementIncome from advertisements displayed$3,500$44,000$176,000

Why should you invest?

There are lot of ways to invest and expect returns. However most of them are based on probability & luck. At times, even with luck, you may not get returns more than your investment based on interest, inflation, etc.

According to Forbes there are 5 biggest reasons to invest in India now

  • 1. India is the world’s fastest-growing economy.
  • 2. India is benefiting from the demographic dividend.
  • 3. India’s government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is embarking on epic business-friendly reforms.
  • 4. Indian households are increasingly saving money in stock-based investments like mutual funds.
  • 5. India’s stock market is undervalued on several measures.

Apart from these, since India is a developing nation and infrastructure is booming, and people have enough buying power and now they start focussing on their health as well equally. Now everyone is looking for healthy alternatives like organic, yoga, excercise, fitness along with shopping entertainment. That's where we come in, our infrastructure packages the entire deal under one roof.

Can this not be done in the United States?

Of Course, it can be done. However the cost of construction of the infrastructure is going to be high (include the manual labor cost). Also the maintenance of it, including the man power cost at a minimum of USD 7.25 per hour which equates to 30 times higher operational cost. And not the least, the population of India is almost 4 times larger, so income is naturally high

What do you have to lose?

Unlike other ways of investment, where the returns is probably low or high failure rate, this infrastructure is going to have value more than the investment in less than 3 years guaranteed.

Its a capital investment model, so once you invest, you simply earn the rewards annually for yourself and your family forever. All upgrades, operational cost is going to be covered from the income of the infrastructure itself, so you won't have to ever worry about your investment. Its going to keep on growing forever and interesting part, you own 49% of it at all times

How do I track my revenue?

You will be kept in loop on all updates including tax audits, revenue generation and any other information on a monthly basis. You can login to our portal and check the earnings, operational cost, tax info, etc and get alerts automatically.

How much do you invest?

We have about 60 Sites planned currently. Each site is NOT on metro city at this time. Since the real estate investment for the property is going to be very high compared to the returns we will get from it. So all metro cities are in phase 2.

For each site, below are the capital costs associated with it

Real Estate1+ acre of land.$200,000
Land improvementCost to fill, remove weeds, trees, water, electricity, sewage, etc making it suitable to build the infrastructure$50,000
ConcreteSlab (Roof, floor)$152,512
ConcretePillars, beams, footing$101,674
SteelPillars, beams, footing$317,733
WallExterior wall including glass$144,264
FlooringStadium floors (rubberized mat, wooden floor, etc)$282,117
Windows / DoorsExterior & Interior doors & windows$35,294
PartitioningShopping Stalls, Food Court stalls, yoga, dance, gym $61,176
ElectricityLighting interior, exterior & stadium roof$20,000
PlumbingSwimming Pool, bathroom, etc$20,000
EquipmentSwimming Pool infrastructure, Ping Pong table, Gym equipments, Kids Play Area, Pool Seating, etc$100,000
Manual LaborInfrastructure construction team$26,471
Overhead cost10% of Total cost as overhead cost$160,742
TaxAverage tax 18% (12% to 28%)$299,226

So for a single site investment of 2 million USD is required. You can pick & choose from any of the 60 site locations from phase 1 and the construction will be started within 30 days from the date of getting the investment. The investment can be made in pro-rata basis, like 25% initial upto basement and remaining after that. We are flexible. We want to make it happen. Join us and earn a 49% of a fortune for life-time. You can choose any or all of the site locations based on your investment capability

Please contact us for more information

Are there any other business ideas?

YES. Ideas like gas / petrol / diesel pump stations. Contact us for more info.

How to contact us?

Phone: +1 408 708 9644

Email: sales@ethtv.com

Address: ethTV Inc, 330 Mandolin Dr, San Jose, California, USA - 95134